Kalamunda, WA

Primary Education Support Centre, WA


Making MISP Accessible for All Students Using Visual Communication Cards

Making MISP an inclusive program for students with special needs, especially students with limited expressive and/or receptive language skills is easy using visual communication cards.  The cares are about the size of a credit card and are double sided. Students with impaired speech or language difficulties can use these communication cards when:

  • asking permission to give another student a massage
  • accepting or declining a massage when asked by another student
  • communicating their likes or dislkes about particular massage strokes.

Click here to see an example

Staff Feedback

Staff at Kalamunda Primary Education Support Centre have said that MISP:

  • helps teach students about personal space
  • develops an understanding about manners
  • provides a good opportunity for students to follow step by step instructions
  • has a calming effect on students especially when done after lunch or after a sports session
  • teaches the students the difference between soft and firm touch
  • encourages students to allow appropriate touch from others
  • provides an excellent springboard for protective behaviour lessons
  • supports visual and kinaesthetic learners
  • improves students’ gross motor skills
  • develops trust between students and helps develop friendships / buddies between different classes.